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  • Selena Thian

Two Cars in Ablaze: What Does Your Motor Insurance Cover?

Two vehicles were badly destroyed in a fire near Taman Bagan Flats this morning (July 8) at 9:30AM.

Another car, parked beside the destroyed vehicles was also caught in the ablaze and was partially damaged and its mirrors were broken.

North Seberang Prai OCPD Asst Comm Noorzainy Mohd Noor spoke with one of the car owners, who was a resident of the flats, regarding the incident. The owner stated that he was heading to his car to warm up the engine as it had been idle since March due to the MCO lockdown.

"When he opened his car door he was greeted by a strong petrol smell even before he started the engine. Suddenly, a fire broke out at the left of the car and the other vehicle that was parked next to it".

Fortunately, there were no casualties reported from the incident. The victim had called the Fire and Rescue Department and also informed the police of the situation, stating that he did not see any suspicious person around the scene during that time. The police are currently waiting for the forensic report to further determine the cause of the fire.

Do you know what your motor insurance covers?

Motor insurance policies are separated into 3 categories: Third Party, Third Party Fire & Theft and Comprehensive.

The Third Party policies covers only the basic aspects which are Death or Injury to others and Damage to other parties' properties. Third Party Fire & Theft is the extension of the aforementioned, covering Damages or Loss of own vehicle resulting from Accidental Fire or Theft. Finally, the Comprehensive policies covers all aspects including Damages to Own vehicles in event of an Accident.

Besides that, there are also Extensions that may be applied to your insurance policies as seen in the table below.

Credit: Official PIAM Website

It's always beneficial to cover the extensions if possible as these incidents can sometimes be very unpredictable as seen in the article above. Thus, having additional benefits included such as Flood or Personal Accident coverage would greatly help in dire times.

If your policy is expiring soon, we would advise that you review the perils that are covered and do feel free to contact us for a new quote as well!

We have dedicated team to review the policy and recommend a suitable coverage for you to avoid complications in the future when claims arise.

Do drop us an email at or call our hotline for further queries!

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