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  • Selena Thian

PIAM Urges Public to be Prepared for the Monsoon Season

Get that raincoat ready as it's the wet season once again

The season for the rainy days and stormy weather is back. As we transition into the monsoon season, it’s important to be prepared for all sorts of natural disasters such as floods and landslides.

The General Insurance Association of Malaysia (PIAM) urges the public to be sufficiently covered and protect your assets during this wet season, which has been forecasted to last until the end of November.

“While we enjoy a generally warm weather pattern throughout the year, Malaysia experiences floods in November and December. As experienced last year, a total of 8,538 claims were lodged with insurance companies amounting to RM308.3 million” said Mr. Chua Seck Guan, Chairman of PIAM.

If you haven’t reviewed your insurance policies in a while, now’s the time to do so.

PIAM advises that individuals and businesses alike should check in with their insurance companies and agents to establish if their coverage provided would help mitigate any serious financial impacts in the event of flood damages or similar occurrences of such.

Those who reside around areas which are prone to floods are should review their fire and motor policies as basic policies exclude coverage on losses due to natural disasters such as floods, tsunamis and earthquakes. Thus, policyholders may opt to extend their coverage for any special perils which they deem suitable for their needs.

"Businesses and individuals can take up affordable insurance products offered by insurance companies to protect themselves and their businesses against such losses," mentioned in their statement on Thursday (Oct 8).

According to the Meteorological Department, the monsoon period will bring about heavy rainfall, thunderstorms and strong winds, particularly during the evening till early nights in certain parts of the country.

Households are advised to store important documents and valuables in waterproof packaging or containers which will be easily transported to higher grounds in the event of flooding.


If you would like to review your insurance policies with us, do feel free to contact us and we will assist you through the process.

For new quotations and further enquiries, you may drop us an email at and we will attend to you accordingly.

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